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Polkadot Club

Many people reach a point in their life where the usual vacation at the beach, mountains or sightseeing is not as fulfilling. They desire an ‘immersion’ vacation—an opportunity to donate their skills and talents in a hands on experience to share their knowledge with someone just to touch a life or make a difference.  And, want to do this somewhere beyond the realm of their previous experiences.

If this sounds like you, Welcome to Polkadot Club.  We offer visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves in the Kenyan culture by spending two weeks (minimum) at Polkadot Library.  Depending on your interests and skills, you will have the opportunity to apply them here or maybe even join as an assistant (internship, minimum one month) with the ongoing programs in the classroom or garden.  It is a unique chance to make a difference in the life of a primary school child.

Visiting here is not for the timid hearted or squeamish. If you have serious plant allergies or medical conditions, this would not be the place for you. Even though it is progressing from third world status, it is definitely not what you are used to back home.  We have only three paved roads, limited public transportation, it’s a looooong way to any big city, no movie theater or night life.

But, we can certainly offer you a life changing experience for not only yourself but possibly the minds and hearts of the children you will meet here.

Your experience would begin in Nairobi where you would be met at the airport by founder, Christyne Nasbe.  Considering arrival times, you would probably overnight in Nairobi with a chance to experience the Capital briefly.  The next morning we begin our 5 hour journey by private transport to Kabarnet, stopping along the way to see zebras, monkeys and giraffes wandering free.  We would even have a photo op at the equator for the folks back home.

Upon arrival in Kabarnet, you will be staying in a private hotel with Christyne as your chaperone and supervisor.  Room, board and laundry services will be fully provided here.  The living compound is completely secure in a lush setting and a 5 minute walk to the library.

Then your immersion project begins.  Depending on your assignment, you could be spending 6-8 hours daily at the library as you interact with the staff and children.  At the end of each day, we will share our dinner together discussing the daily events and unwinding with maybe games or movies.

There will be opportunities to walk into the town to see how the locals live, maybe have a meal and just experience the local life of the primarily Kalenjin tribe.  You will be fascinated!  You certainly have the freedom to dine out (at your expense) if you so desire, but the options are limited.

At the conclusion of your experience, Christyne will escort you by private vehicle to Nairobi for your return trip home. We will overnight there, in coordination with your flight, to allow for a trip to the Elephant Orphanage and Giraffe Park.  These are MUST SEE attractions where you can actually feed giraffes and watch baby elephants be bottle fed and get a mud bath.  A truly unique experience.  The cost for these events are included in your experience.

The fee for Polkadot Club is $1000 per week per person paid in advance before arrival.  Any flight expenses, visas, incidentals, souvenirs, alcohol, snacks, meals not eaten at home in Kabarnet and medical insurance are NOT INCLUDED.

If you are ready to have a truly memorable experience, complete the application.  We will assess your information to determine a skills need and timing and respond promptly.

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We welcome you to Polkadot Club!

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