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Take action to help us grow


We are fortunate to have talented volunteers who assist in teaching classes in Art, Science, Geography and Eco-Gardening.  They are provided a modest stipend to cover their expenses while having their room and board covered by the Polkadot Founder at her home.  We want to encourage others to assist us and even have local Kenyans join us in the future.  Each teacher costs $5,000 per year.  Our children deserve the quality education in these subjects that are not being taught in their primary schools.  Won’t you help us help these children?


Preparing for the school year is an arduous task for most children and their families.  If it is your first year at the school, you must buy uniforms, a locker and even your desk and chair.  Then there are school fees and books to purchase. Most parents can’t afford all this.  There are many students who do not attend school for this reason. Most often books are the last to get purchased.  Parents scramble to find out who their childs’ desk mate will be, meet with them and agree to share the cost of books.  This means one parent may buy Math and the other buys English–for the children to share.  We want to have every curriculum textbook for every grade 1-8 (and hopefully 9-12 as well) available at Polkadot Library.  This will enable the children to work on their studies and homework at the library in their free time.  Textbooks for each grade cost about $150.  You can help our children succeed by keeping up with their studies.


Sustaining the Polkadot eco-garden is quite a challenge.  There is no garden shop to visit to buy fertilizer or seeds.  We need to hire a pick up truck to go to the forest to dig the soil, load it and drive it back to the library to unload.  We need to contact local goat herdsmen to arrange for purchase of goat manure and hire the same pick up to collect it and bring it to the library.  The closest place to buy seeds is two hours away and the quantity is in kilos (way to much for us) and the variety is limited to only local crops familiar to the native families.  So we have seeds brought in for our garden.  We make our own organic pesticides from local tree leaves and kitchen items but need to buy these and mix them in 100 litre containers. In total, it costs $1200 per year to maintain the items for our garden. Help us maintain our garden and continue to teach the children new techniques and skills they can use and share with their family.

Support a Teacher for
a Year
Sponsor Textbooks for Students
Sustain our
Sponsor a
Computer Class

Computer classes are beginning at the library and there are many interested students.  They are excited to be able to learn on iPads!  Most are concerned about the cost–$10 for the month.  We can teach 20 students in each basic and advanced class. That’s 40 students per month.  This will be our largest revenue stream but we can only teach it for two months of the year–when school is on break and regular programs at the library are suspended.  We also need to buy wifi time for the classes and pay the teacher. Include classroom supplies and the cost is $600 to  cover one month of classes.  This would allow the students to attend for FREE!

Classroom Supplies

Every home visit to the US means lugging back a huuuuuge suitcase of classroom supplies for the programs at Polkadot.  Maps, new books for the book clubs, cute stickers for those terrific papers, workbooks of new materials, inflatable globes for geography lessons, crayons for art class, paint brushes, power cords, and the list goes on and on.  Ask any teacher about the things supplied to their classroom…you will find they purchase most of it themselves!! Our supplies average $1000 per year.  Every small donation can make a big difference.

Just Give to the
Polkadot Library

Perhaps you don’t have a specific project to sponsor and just want to help out…Bless you!  We appreciate any donation you would like to make.

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