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The Polkadot Library is located in Kabarnet, Baringo County, Kenya in the Central Rift Valley, close to Lake Baringo and 265km northwest of Nairobi.  Kabarnet was named after a missionary from Australia, Albert Edmund Barnett, who was member of the Africa Inland Mission and came first to central Kenya in 1908. Ka is homestead in the Kalenjin language. The name thus means Barnett’s home. Kabarnet is the administrative headquarters for Baringo District since 1907 as the British colonial government made it the seat of the local government. It is also one of the largest constituencies in the country. It became a Municipality in 1984. It has a coat of arms since 1993.


Kabarnet is located in Baringo County, Kenya.

The climate here is mild, generally warm and temperate. Kabarnet is a city with a significant rainfall. Even in the driest month there is a lot of rain. The average annual temperature is 17.8 °C in Kabarnet. The average annual rainfall is 1237 mm.

Precipitation is the lowest in January, with an average of 34 mm. Most of the precipitation here falls in April, averaging 179 mm.

You can get here by public transport. Get a matatu (mini-bus) from Nairobi to Nakuru and then board a matatu to Kabarnet. However, public transport to and around Kabarnet is infrequent and it is advisable to hire or bring your own car. Or you can use the local motorbike or just walk the town.  It is quite small.  Driving from Nakuru, take the B4 north-bound towards Marigat. About 95 kilometres from Nakuru you will get a right turn off towards Kabarnet. Drive up through the scenic Tugen Hills for about 38 kilometres and you will arrive at Kabarnet town.


The Kabarnet Museum was created in the former residence of the District Commissioner and has in its displays elements from local culture and traditions, as well as information on Lake Baringo and its environment. The gardens surrounding the Kabarnet Museum are so lush that it has become a small botanical park. The Museum also houses the local snake park showcasing indigenous snakes of the region.

The Polkadot Library is located at the entrance to the Kabarnet Museum grounds.  The Polkadot Library is designed in the shape of an arrow so it can be easily spotted on the map, as shown below.


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