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The Polkadot Library was established in 2016 to provide sustainable education for underprivileged children in Kabarnet and to promote gender equality in education, located in Baringo County, Kenya.

We have a 7,000 book library that is free to read, an eco-garden and a classroom. The vegetables grown on the grounds are harvested and then made available in a market managed by the children themselves. They have participated in the cultivation of the crops from germination in bottle incubators to harvesting and are extremely proud of their accomplishment. They are assisted by Polkadot gardener, Erick, who manages and executes the planting projects on the compound. All donations received for the crops are reinvested into the garden.  

Library manager Monicah and her assistant Viola manage the class schedules, assist the children with obtaining books for reading, and provide tutoring when the opportunity allows. We coordinate with head teachers of local primary schools to allow students across Kabarnet to come for free classes on Science, Geography, Art, Gardening and Reading during their school day.   Mentors and education volunteers have carefully crafted lesson plans to supplement the children’s current school curriculum.  It is interactive and exciting for the 350 students daily to be encouraged to use their minds to cultivate their learning and dream of new possibilities for their future.

The Polkadot Library subsists solely on funding raised through donations.

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